Builders Club

Builders Club is a DAO that will allow creators to submit their creations and possibly have them integrated in Alteration. Initially, Alteration's team will provide creator's kits, which will include tech packs for existing NFTs in game, which creators will be able to use as the foundation of their creations.
We were inspired by the fact that many bright minds submit creations such as mods or skins to forums just to show their passion for a game. Games like CS:GO have a programme rewarding artists who get their works included into the official drop pool, with the owner receiving royalties on the sale of these items.
Independent creatives are rewarded for their dedication to our community, based on the democracy of the community. Creations will be voted on to enter the loot pool, this includes items such as weapons, armour, which drastically alter the way character builds are constructed.
Cycle of Builders Club
  1. 1.
    Creation is submitted to the DAO
  2. 2.
    Community votes on their favourite creations
  3. 3.
    Most popular submissions get integrated in Alteration
  4. 4.
    Creators awarded with lifetime royalties of all transactions regarding their creation
Integrated item distribution in game
Items selected by the DAO and integrated in Alteration will be distributed through the crafting system. As integrated creations are built on existing NFT templates, by crafting these legacy NFTs, there will be a slim chance for players to acquire the newly integrated creations.
Impact on game's economy
As DAO integrations are tied to the game's crafting system, this will drive demand to various NFTs, some of which might be in low demand. With this we aim to solve the popular problem in GameFi - abundance of low-tier NFTs. This, in turn, also will add yet another layer of P2E - farming materials.